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  • Cosmetic Dentistry& Bio Mechanics

    Restore the youthful appearance with long lasting effects.

  • FacialAesthetic Treatments

    Create a more youthful, natural appearance, where patients look & feel better.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • No pain and no unnessesary removing of toothstructure to achieve a younger face and jaw.
  • Reverse the sign of aging

Traditional dentistry fixes the sign of aging teeth by removing decay, extracting teeth, placing crowns fillings or implants.

Traditional cosmetic dentistry places crowns and veneers that require grinding away lots of tooth structure.

Modern ant-aging dentistry means no unnecessary removing of healthy toothstructure. Non-invasive dental procedures and correcting your bite and jaw position which has deteriorated. Creating an optimal jaw position for you.

Looking older: the shape of your face changes, the lower third part of your face get closer to the nose, wrinkles, creases become more apparent. Causes of aging look - bone loss, fat loss and loss of tooth structure.

As you bite and the jaw position goes untreated, your face get shorter.

Restore the youthful appearance with long lasting effects.

With traditional cosmetic dentistry – equilibrium bite treatments, increase the signs os aging because bite equilibrium shortens teeth!
Anti aging dentistry build up teeth non invasively.

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