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  • Cosmetic Dentistry& Bio Mechanics

    Restore the youthful appearance with long lasting effects.

  • FacialAesthetic Treatments

    Create a more youthful, natural appearance, where patients look & feel better.



Mathematical parameters, combined with the artistic abilities of the facial dentist and the technician can create beautiful teeth.

Rounded off with facial aesthetics, by framing teeth with beautiful filled lips, and remodelling the soft tissue peri orally with treatments to enhance your face.

The modern facial dentist, cosmetic dental practitioner, harmonise and bring balance in facial dimensions, incorporating biomechanics, appropriate occlusion vertical dimensions of cosmetic dentistry in balance with facial dimensions.

Synthesis of facial anatomy, muscle, nerve, arteries, soft tissue into a beautiful smile structurally supported by teeth in appropriate occlusional balance.

In addition to restoring the dentition to a whiter shade, revolumising the lips and surrounding peri oral tissue to establish aesthetic lips, lip line and smile linecreating a great looking smile.

“It does matter if you put veneers on 28 teeth, you have still given the person only great looking teeth, not a great looking smile. Does your patient have lips, a chin, cheeks and soft tissue in the peri oral area that surrounds their mouth?”

“If the patients surrounding face and lips match the youthfulness of the teeth, then white teeth can look much more natural.”

“If you put beautiful white teeth with thin, deficient lips, and deep folds and wrinkles in their face, the situation will look fake.”

Even if you treat every tooth in the mouth, you have only great looking teeth, not a great looking smile.