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Dental Implants

When you loose a teeth, many think,it is not neccessary to replace the teeth, bacause it is at the back of your mouth. But when a teeth is lost support bone (alveolar bone) melts away. The bone structure of the jaw, jaw joints and face change. Vertical height is lost between the jaws causing the nose and chin to get closer, causing a aging look.

How can this be prevented: Dental Implants

Biochemically titanium implants, fuse with bone, stimulating and stabilizing the bone.

If there is not enough bone to support the inplant, a highly skilled dentist can initiate bone growth and fuse with the implant and bone. Best results is attained if the implant is placed as soon as possible for cosmetic reasons.

This is a one day placement procedure. A second appointment is neccessary for final crowns to be placed.

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