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Smile Design

The appearance of an individual’s smile and teeth are some of, if not the most important features when determining attractiveness. The design of maxillary anterior teeth and characteristics of lips form the dental arch which relays either a good or bad nonverbal message.

Practitioners have to ensure they are skills and trained to meet the increasing demand for esthetic procedures to help patients achieve that million dollar smile.

Golden Proportions

The "Golden Ration" found throughout nature and the human form unveil a mathematical marvel, which is used in the Smile Design. This "Golden Ration" is 1.618:1 or otherwise referred to as "phi"

The ratio between the width of the lateral incisor and the central incisor should be 1.618:1 (phi). We also achieve this ratio between the lateral incisor and the canines.

Height to Width Ratio

The most pleasing with-to-height proportion is between 75% and 80%. Each individual is different and this may vary from 66% to 80%.

85% and above = Square Appearance

66% and below = Long Appearance

Men and Woman also differ and in most cases woman have a more prominent high smile.

Emotions in the Shape of Teeth

The shape of the anterior teeth are defined by the area that reflects light directly forward or the pincus silhouette.

There are 4 basic tooth shapes:

  • Rectangular
  • Triangular
  • Oval
  • Square

Personality traits are also expressed through the appearance and nonverbal message a designed smile presents.

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