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  • Cosmetic Dentistry& Bio Mechanics

    Restore the youthful appearance with long lasting effects.

  • FacialAesthetic Treatments

    Create a more youthful, natural appearance, where patients look & feel better.

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Dentists are currently under pressure from companies and government authorities.

  • Grey areas regarding the scope of dentistry in facial aesthetics have failed us
  • Dentists are being legally prosecuted if they perform aethetics outside the peri-oral area.
  • Companies are at risk selling their products to dentists, and won't sell products if they work ouside the scope of dentistry.
  • Many dentists have done advanced aesthetic courses, know anatomy, physiology, are great injectors and want to be able to perform these facial treatments.

This is why we started this exciting new society for dentists.

  • Our aim is to resolve this matter.
  • The society wants to marry the current aesthetic medical system with dental cosmetic treatments. 
  • The society values the links that we have with the rest of the aesthetic community.

The aim of the dentist is to have the knowledge and ability to embrace the total facial smile of patients, not just one tooth or just teeth, by incorporating evidence-based science, the highest standards of excellence and excellent results for our patients.

Banking Details:

Cosmetic Dentistry and Facial Aesthetic Society of SA

Account number: 408 640 9907

Branch Code: 632005

Send proof of payment to: info@cdafa.co.za

R1300 Per Annum